Active Calls

*Note: 2 Hour Delay    Last Updated:    12/18/2018 6:53:26 PM
     Active Calls include the "call number" assigned to the call. The "entry time" represents the actual time of day when the call was first reported to the Pasco Sheriff's Office ("PSO") or whenever a deputy sheriff initiates a call based upon observation of activity. The "description" is the classification currently assigned to the call [Note: This can change during the course of the call and subsequent investigation and may not be reflected here]. The "priority" represents the current response priority assigned to the call by PSO Communications and may change during the course of the call. The "location" is the general geographic location of the call within Pasco County.

20186045682018/12/1816:37:23TuesdayATLW ATT TO LOC - OOC WARRANT11730 MARY LOU DR, HUDSON518050534
20186045482018/12/1816:29:42TuesdayBA52 BAKER ACT 38817 TUCKER RD, ZEPHYRHILLS118050528
20186044992018/12/1816:04:27TuesdayWFC WELFARE CHECK28534 STATE ROAD 52, SAN ANTONIO4 
20186044852018/12/1815:58:06TuesdayS34D STABBING DELAYED4552 RYALS RD, ZEPHYRHILLS418050525
20186044502018/12/1815:42:16TuesdayS21AD BURGLARY ATTEMPT DELAYED2228 PARROT FISH DR, HOLIDAY518050519
2018604392 2018/12/1815:16:36TuesdayS15 SPECIAL DETAIL ON DUTY US HIGHWAY 301/CUMMER RD, LACOOCHEE 7
2018604250 2018/12/1814:13:08Tuesday49 SERVING WARRANT 7530 LITTLE RD, NEW PORT RICHEY 318050495
20186038082018/12/1810:44:57TuesdayS15 SPECIAL DETAIL ON DUTY6600 MADISON ST, NEW PORT RICHEY INCO7 
20186038062018/12/1810:44:09TuesdayS15 SPECIAL DETAIL ON DUTY21808 STATE ROAD 54, LUTZ7 
20186037952018/12/1810:40:52TuesdayS15 SPECIAL DETAIL ON DUTY9330 STATE ROAD 54, NEW PORT RICHEY7 
20186037862018/12/1810:38:41TuesdayS15 SPECIAL DETAIL ON DUTY14000 FIVAY RD, BAYONET POINT7 
2018603398 2018/12/1805:40:57TuesdayS15 SPECIAL DETAIL ON DUTY OUT OF STATE, 7